PURPOSE: Provide the NAAWS wine tasting event host with guidelines to plan, coordinate and conduct a “Wine Tasting Event”


  • Discuss host selection, the annual host appreciation tasting, pre-and post-tasting event coordination, tasting event cost
  • Provide a tasting event check list and ideas for theme selection

Hosting a tasting event can be an enjoyable experience. Do not be afraid to volunteer. Pick a theme (suggestions are provided and the end), do some online research, and share your newly acquired knowledge with you fellow chapter members.


  • NAAWS Chapter tasting event host(s) are all volunteers that enjoy sharing their wine experiences and knowledge with their Chapter members.
  • If you’re hosting a tasting event for the first time the Chapter will arrange for a seasoned co-host to help you with theme and wine selection, planning, and food paring.
  • A tasting event can be hosted by single or multiple volunteers
    • Only the host(s) that own the residence were the tasting is conducted is or are exempt from the Tasting Fee and will receive 6 tickets for the AWS Educational Foundation raffle.