The American Wine Society (AWS) is the largest consumer-based wine education organization in North America. Its objective is to share knowledge about wine making and tasting. With a membership of more than 8,000 people in approximately 180 local chapters —  AWS members meet to appreciate and celebrate wine and to talk about the history, culture, and traditions involved in making and tasting wine. The American Wine Society hosts an annual three-day AWS National Wine Conference with two full days of educational seminars with nearly 50 sessions to choose from. In addition, AWS offers an opportunity for its members to participate in a three-year program to become an AWS Certified Wine Judge or take the less intensive Super Tasting Series– Level 1 class.

Membership in AWS is open to anyone aged 21 and over who is interested in learning about wine.

The AWS celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2017. Its 1st meeting took place in Western New York at the vineyard of Dr. Konstantin Frank on Keuka Lake near Hammondsport on October 7, 1967. The meeting included 200 grape growers, home winemakers, and wine lovers. Today, 30 percent of the members are amateur winemakers – a fact we take great pride in.

The local, North Alabama AWS Chapter meets every 3rd Sunday of the month to taste and explore the incredible variety, depth, and character of the noble grape.

2020 Tasting Schedule

You must be an active NAAWS member to attend tastings!  

19-Jan Israeli Adventure Linda & Steve Peirce; Ann & Augie Hernandez 36**
Spanish Wines Lane & Rick Fabby; Rhonda & Rich Hoffman; Jeanna & Leigh Boothe 36**
March 22* Theme to be determined Open 36**
Theme to be determined Leslee & Ray Garza; Pau- la and Dan Laurita 36**
3-May Education Foundation Wine Auction Gisele & Jay Wilson No Limit
June 21* National Tasting Program This Tasting will tentatively take place August 30th 36**
19-Jul Theme to be determined Linda & Steven Levy; Kathey & David Bradford 36**
Tuscan Wines Jennifer & Bill Drake 36**
Meredith & Greg Kilby 36**
20-Sep Theme to be determined
18-Oct Annual Dinner NAAWS Board 50**
15-Nov Sparkling Wines Pam Powell; Judy and Karl Starkloff 36**
6-Dec Host Appreciation Tasting Date NAAWS Board Invitation Only