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Wine Tasting Checklist

American Wine Society

North Alabama Chapter


After volunteering to host a tasting, get with the Program Chair to:

  • Pick a theme and month for your tasting
  • Select about six wines to be tasted and an Aperitif
  • Submit a write up to the Newsletter Editor with the details of your tasting to include: theme (to include information about the wines), names of host(s), location, time, directions, cost (refer to Estimating the cost of a tasting) and number of attendees you can accommodate

Before the tasting:

  • The chapter treasurer will notify you of the number of reservations
  • Arrange for one bottle of each wine for every 10 reservations for dry wines. For sweet wines, plan 15-18 pours per bottle. If tasting more than 6 dry wines, plan 12 pours per bottle.
  • Arrange to get wine glasses for the tasting (from Programs chair or the previous months host) Prepare food to be served
  • Chill wines to appropriate serving temperature
  • Provide a hand-out of the wines to be tasted

At the tasting:

  • Introduce each wine as it is poured
  • At the end of the tasting, determine which wines were favorites

After the tasting:

  • Submit article to the Newsletter Editor about the tasting. Provide a list of the wines tasted, their prices and an indication of which wines were favored.
  • Submit receipts to treasurer

General policies:

  • Hosts do not accept reservations. All reservations must be made through the treasurer.
  • The hosts must be AWS members
  • The tasting fee is waived for the hosts, up to two persons
  • The hosts are reimbursed $5 per person, including hosts, food allowance