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Welcome to the Tasting & Events resource page. To assist you in holding a tasting, the chapter has collected and developed a series of articles and documents to make the process easier.

Before beginning, the Chapter's general policies for holding a tasting are:

  • Hosts do not accept reservations. All reservations must be made through the treasurer.
  • The hosts must be AWS members
  • The tasting fee is waived for the hosts, up to two persons
  • Only the wine consumed at the tasting is reimbursed, not all bottles originally purchased

Tasting Checklist

A quick checklist of how to hold a tasting has been put together and can be used for planning purposes. The checklist consists of four major sections. More detailed information and resources for each of these four steps can be found on the following pages:

Should you know of other planning resources, please forward them to the Programs chair and the WebMaster so that we can add them to the WebSite to assist others in the future.

If you are interested in holding a tasting or other event, please contact our Programs chair and they can help you plan to hold a tasting.