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Step 1: Selecting a Theme

The first step, besides actually deciding to hold a tasting or to team up with other Chapter member(s) to hold one, is to determine the theme for the tasting. Over the years, the Chapter has collected several articles that are now available from our WebSite to assist you.

The first resource is a collection of three articles put together by a long time member of AWS titled Holding a Wine Tasting. This resource provides a general outline and can be used as the basis from which you could create your own them. It is also useful should you want to use it to modify a theme outlined on the Program Themes page.

Once you have reviewed those two documents, you may want to look at our Chapter Tasting History list for what has been done before. You will note that there are several themes that have been repeated, so don't be afraid to do something that was done before. If you do decide to repeat a theme for a previous tastings, you can look through the Newsletter archives for the program information and tasting results. The program information and perhaps even an education article related to the tasting is typically in the newsletter for the month the tasting was held. The results are posted in newsletter for the month following the tasting. This should help give you some ideas on how to repeat or even modify the theme for your tasting.

With a theme determined, contact the Programs chair to determine what months are available for a tasting and reserve a date. Typically the third Sunday is chosen but you may need to select a different Sunday afternoon due to holidays or perhaps some other constraint.

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