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Old World vs. New World Grenaches

04/24/2016 - 3:00pm
Tim & Joy Suttles Home
Our April tasting will be a classic showdown between Old and New world Grenaches running the full spectrum from white to rose to red. We will begin with a seductive sparking Grenache Rose from Blair Fox called Foxy Bubbles. We will then let the games begin with old world white, rose, and red (from Spain and France) square off against our California contenders from Keane winery in the Central Coast and UNTI in the Dry Creek AVA in Sonoma. We think all will enjoy this friendly free-for-all and fall in love with both world’s similarities and differences. We know we did during our many sessions of selecting just the right wines for our AWS friends. Tapas ranging from cheeses, bacon wrapped tatter tots (yes we are in the South), and pork tenderloin should part well with bring out each wines best flavor.

Attendance is limited to 40 people and as always it is first register first serve so don’t hesitate.
Tasting Results: 
Thank you to our co-hosts the Suttles for what I hear was a job well done on the April tasting, “Old vs. New World Grenache theme”, at the lovely home of Tim and Joy. (Our condolences to the Russels who could not attend due to a family emergency.) Ann and I were not able to attend, but Tim was gracious enough to provide a write up about the tasting. Tim’s input follows that is greatly appreciated.
Another great wine tasting event was hosted by the Suttles on 24 April 2016 with an Old vs. New World Grenache theme. The tasting began with an Aperitif from Central Coast California, Blair Fox’s Foxy Bubbles. We then launched into our first flight of whites featuring a Spanish Granacha Blanca against a Central Coast California Kaena Grenache Blanc. The Keana was the favorite of the group of approximately 40 discerning wine enthusiasts. The second flight was Rosés from Spain (Arrumaco) and another Kaena selection Kaena Grenache Rosé). The old world Rosé edged out the new by a tight margin. The final flight pitted a French southern Rhone 2013 Domaine De Chateaumar Cuvee Bastien against a Sonoma County California 2012 UNTI Grenache. Once again the new world prevailed as the crowd favorite. All the wines were enjoyed with tapas to include cheeses, roasted and spiced nuts, grape salad, pork tenderloin, stuffed peppers, bacon wrapped tater tots, sausage balls, and donuts and chocolate cake. All left full and satisfied.
Blair Fox Foxy Bubbles ($48)
Flight 1:
Herencia Altes Granatxa Blanca ($10.49)
Kaena Grenache Blanc ($28)
Flight 2:
2014 Arrumaco Rosé ($9.58)
2015 Kaena Grenache Rosé ($24)
Flight 3:
2013 Domaine De Chateaumar Cuvee Bastien ($14.24)
2012 UNTI Grenache ($31.20)