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Membership Signup in progress

You may have noticed in the last couple of newsletters or during introductions at our tastings that we are moving much of our communications over to the web server. This will allow us to manage newsletter distribution and archival better, provide important updates on tastings, and allow the members to manage their own accounts (subscriptions to newsletters and email addresses). The first part of the process is underway and consists of setting up a personal account on the website. Setting up an account will hopefully be a easy process, but rest assured we will help assist you if you need any assistance, just contact me at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

On the main home page, there should be a link to login.  Screen sizes on devices differ greatly and if you have troubles locating the login link you can go directly to the login screen by selecting   On this page, just select the I want to create an account button to start the process of creating your own account.   After selecting a username, password, and entering your email address, select the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button and the website will create the account and then send a verification email to help insure that the email address is correct and can safely reach your inbox.  If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, please check your SPAM filter settings and also the email address that you entered.  Once you receive the email, please click on the verification link within one week of creating your account.  I have the settings on the server set up to automatically delete unverified accounts after 1 week.

I will be watching for new accounts and periodically promoting verified accounts to Active Member status.  By having a special role for Active Members, we will be able to use that to turn on additional features of the website that we do not wish to fully open to the general public (such as full texts of newsletters which include the RSVP form and directions to Tastings and a photo gallery of events).

With regards to existing email addresses for receiving newsletters, we have already imported the existing email list and will begin using the web server to send out newsletters in February.  For the first few months, we will also be sending it the previous way to help insure that all members receive the newsletter and once we are confident everything is working as planned, we will switch over to web server generated emails exclusively.

NOTE: If you are a couple, feel free to register as a couple or individually. Either way is fine and poses no extra burden on the web server.