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At the Auction - Celebrating our Members

05/15/2016 - 3:00pm
Jay & Gisele Wilson
The WIlson's
Come join us and participate in our May AWS Wine tasting:
This is a FREE tasting done once a year to celebrate our members and raise some money for the education fund.
In recognition of another outstanding year for the North Alabama Chapter of the American Wine Society, your board of directors decided once again to give back to the members. What better way to appreciate our members and the wines they love than a free tasting. The May 2016 tasting will be hosted at the home of Jay and Gisele Wilson. This tasting is a chance for members to explain a little about the wines they brought, have some potluck appetizers, and raise some funds.
Here’s the deal:
  • Bring two bottles of the same wine (one to drink and one for people to bid on); provide a note with your name, tasting notes if you like, and what food you brought to pair with the wine;
  • Bring a food pairing for the wine you chose;
  • Enjoy sampling your fellow members or guests wine and food;
  • Bid on the wines you’d like to take home.
The tasting is open to both members and their guests and is an excellent opportunity to introduce new people to our chapter of AWSEF. Same rules apply to guests and members with regard to bringing wine and a food pairing. Your first bottle will be sampled by the members/guests and the second eligible for auction. The bidding for the wines begin at $5 and will go up in $1 increments, with all proceeds going to the AWS scholarship fund.
Tasting Results: 
Over 40 NAAWS members gathered on 15 May 2016 at Jay and Gisele Wilson’s house for the popular wine auction. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful wines and of course, beautiful people. With 21 wines to sample and members providing the food pairings, there were plenty to go around. The success of the auction was demonstrated by the $641 raised for the AWS Scholarship Fund. There was an additional $29 in donations.
I should also say the empty wine bottles and food dishes were also a very strong indication of success as well. Jennifer Drake’s spicy Schezwan Chicken won the prize as the tastiest dish, but there were many dishes that came in a close second. The generosity of the members in bidding for the wines and helping to make this tasting a special event is greatly appreciated. So you don’t miss out, mark your 2017 calendars around the May time frame, for next year’s Wine Auction.