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The North Alabama Chapter of the American Wine Society began in November of 1993 with a group of about a dozen wine enthusiasts meet for a California Chardonnay and Cabernet tasting.  This was followed by several more tastings and on July 30th, 1994, the inaugural meeting of the North Alabama Chapter of the American Wine Society met at Richards on the Square in downtown Huntsville.  Since this time, the chapter has grown and enjoyed monthly wine tastings to this day.

There are no local dues to belong to our group.  All you need to do is join the AWS National and send us an email so we can include you on our email distribution.   At this time you will then receive our monthly newsletter.   We meet each month, except December, on the third of fourth Sunday.  Besides the monthly tastings, there are occasional Road Trips to points of interest as well always a good showing at the AWS National Conference that is typically held the first weekend in November.  For a list of past tastings, check out the Chapter Event Archive page.  For upcoming tasting information, the monthly newsletter is a great source of information.


The American Wine Society was organized in 1967 as a non-profit, educational, consumer-oriented organization for those interested in learning more about all aspects of wine.  The Society has grown into a nationwide organization of amateur grape growers, winemakers, and wine appreciators interested in learning more about the history, production, appreciation, and use of wines.  The Society has also attracted wine educators and professionals in wine related sciences, as well as the wine trade itself, extending the Society to a much broader membership base than most other wine clubs.

While the American Wine Society still emphasizes the appreciation of American wines and fosters competitions for amateur winemakers, its scope extends to educating people on all aspects of wine.  Members today learn about wines from all of the world's wine producing countries and evaluate them for their quality.  Members travel in Society sponsored trips to wine growing regions, learn the latest in grape growing methods, study to become certified wine judges, are knowledgeable about wine and food, and appreciate the responsible use of wine.

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