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Step 3: At the Tasting

On the day of the tasting, make sure that the wines have reached the proper temperature before the tasting begins.

At the actual tasting:

  • Introduce each wine as it is poured
  • At the end of the tasting, determine which wines were favorites.

Before the actual tasting begins, the Chapter's Director will welcome everyone to the tasting and will also welcome and present any guests. Other board or chapter members may also want to make a brief announcement as the tastings provide an excellent time to communicate with each other.

During the tasting, the chapter usually has a couple of wine related gifts for a raffle off for the Scholarship fund. So when determining how your theme progresses through the tasting, keep these in mind as you plan your event. These periods make a perfect time for you to take a deep breath and perhaps even steal a peaceful moment to enjoy a serving of food and a glass of wine.